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Ab AfterSales

Ab AfterSales (AAS) is an after sales and customer support system. The system binds together products delivered to a distributor or a customer, its accessories, warranty information and parts' serial numbers. The system provices product-specific spare part books, service history and warranty system.

The system also has an online shop which allows distributors to place orders directly to the manufacturer.

These tools makes it easy to follow a product's life cycle and proactive maintenance program.

AAS is build as a modular system which allows the customers to select those modules that they need. The system is independent but it is possible to use it as an extension of an ERP-system.

The most common solution is to set up interfaces between Ab AfterSales and other existing systems, such as ERP, CRM PDM or other.

Ab AfterSales suits for product, serial and batch based production.


Benefits for customers and stakeholders

  • Product details and its service details are always accessible

  • Flexible communication between the parties boosts sales

  • Shortens delivery time and adds productivity to the delivery process

  • Efficient management for delivered products makes spare part and maintenance services easier to offer and implement

  • Lower distribution costs

  • Warranty handling and their costs follow-ups

  • Sales department knows the correct time to offer new products

  • Makes it easier to determine the resell value of a used product.

  • More sales with lower staff costs

  • Better quality and customer service

  • More efficient processes

  • Increases the efficiency of the supply chain and order processing

  • Offers development to analysis and reporting

AAS Mobile


Absent Oy has developed a mobile solution as a part of Ab AfterSales to provide co-operation between the web-based and mobile systems. AAS Mobile may be used in product-specific devices or, for example, as a convenient tool for service staff.

It's easy to be in contact to the product's manufacturer or the nearest service contact with a mobile device. You can view your product's service manual and spare part books easily on the mobile device, or send field feedback with a few clicks.

The service staff can examine the product's details on this device and, for example, make a spare parts order or service report directly from the mobile device.


Design Services

The basic advantage in service business is providing more value to a customer by increasing the customer's sales and/or by creating cost-savings. Our system gives you tools to deepen your customer-relations with your key customers by providing them with design services. It is possible to create personalized user-interfaces for the customers. This enables your customers to review their products' details within a familiar environment.

- Stay close to your customers, deepen the customer-relation and hold back competitors -


Well-managed service business gives you better tools to manage and deepen your customer-relations. Our consulting services provide you more skills to plan and carry out customer-oriented services.

Good planning gives corporate leaders support in developing business models, service processes and customer solutions in order to increase their customers' value.

The goal of our consulting service is to give you

  • Better insight into how to develop internationally sustainable market advantage by implementing service based business

  • New innovative business models

  • New understanding into operative service processes

  • Visions on the possibilities of better services for the future

  • Thoughts about the needs of the stakeholders

- Your company can grow also by its services -




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