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Ab OrderManagement

Ab OrderManagement (AOM) is an order management system. Order management system combines services provided by various subcontractors to create a centralized service all the way to the end customer. The system allows orders to contain parts and/or sub-assemblies from different subcontractors.

The users of the order management system are the company and its subcontractors. Subcontractors use the system to follow and update their projects' status. By using a centralized system both the company and its subcontractors know the projects' status immediately. The company takes care of various registers (e.g. product register) and the system and order administration. If the information for the registers is available, for example, in a billing system they can be used in the AOM.

Production monitoring enables efficient messaging between the company and the subcontractors.

The system also contains a document library which allows users to share vital information among each other. The documents, such as assembly directions, can be linked to an order to improve communication between different subcontractors.

The system can be linked via system specific interface to third party systems, such as different billing systems.
AOM is a modular system, which allows the customers to choose those modules they need.


Benefits of the customer and stakeholders

  • Single system to follow-up and manage orders, production and subcontractors

  • Flexible communication between parties shortens delivery times

  • Improves delivery reliability

  • Boosts stock cycle



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